Wes can deliver workshops for Phoenix Qigong for instructors, clubs & One to One. for please call on: 07730133068 or email: equinoxtaichi@gmail.com for more information.

Very soon after beginning my training in the Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing qigong system in Hong Kong December 2013, I realised I had happened across something really quite special. Previous to that moment I had over 15 years training in various qigong methods, and I was quite struck by the depth, richness and authenticity of how the system reveals itself to the practitioner. In the modern day landscape of Chinese holisitc health & self- development methods, the Phoenix Qigong is a rare and precious jewel.                                                          


Phoenix Qigong deeply embodies the philosophy of Taoism and the theories of traditional Chinese medicine to thouroughly relax and nourish the body and mind, and overtime begins to cultivate a naturalness of being that can filter out into every day life.


The graceful moving form of the Phoenix, and the accompanying slow and gentle movements have now become the cornerstone to most of my classes and workshops. A lot of people come to tai chi to improve their health & wellbeing, and often learn a form that has had its martial art aspect diluted or removed completely (tai chi is a martial art after all). The Phoenix form is devoted exclusively to health improvement, allowing me to retain sincerity in teaching tai chi from a martial perspective, and yet allowing me to provide a first class system of mindful holistic health improvement, along with all the benefits of tai chi, to all who study with me.


It is a huge honour to have been accepted as an indoor student of Master Lok, and the commitment & responsibility of passing on his methods and teaching to the benefit of others. 

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