Equinox Tai Chi

                                                                                      What We Teach

Qigong for Holistic Health &Wellbeing (Suitable for everyone)

Preparatory exercises. A series of simple exercises to ready the body and mind for considered movement. Loosening exercises to gain a degree of relaxation and a series of 'listening' exercises to create a deeper connection between body, mind & breath - using intention and meditative focus.

Zhan Zhuang. The standing meditation sequence. Body-Mind cultivation to further develop correct structure & alignent, building qualities such 'Wuji' (emptiness/neutraility) and 'Sung' (removal of tension).

Open Door Five Qigong. An easy to learn yet deeply nourishing Taoist health practice consisting of 5 graceful qigong movements - to culitivate holisitc health.

Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing. A Qigong system comprising of 16 movements founded on Taoist internal practices and designed for holistic health improvement and wellbeing. In the Phoenix, we train our bodies to emulate the movements of nature with an emphasis on energised softness,  gentle rotation & flowing spirals. This system culminates in a short, graceful moving form.


Tai Chi for Health & Wellbeing (Suitable for everyone)

Tai Chi movement. Exercises for health and wellbeing. Movements taken from the Yang style 37 step moving form to develop coordination, balance & strength.

37 Yang style form. Learning the full moving form in order to apply correct structure, internal/external alignment and 'Yi' (mindful intention/motive) to produce a graceful moving meditation.

Partner exercises. Gentle and simple 'listening' and 'sensing' exercises through partnerwork, to help understand - in both oneself and a partner - the basic qualities and principles needed for proper tai chi practice.

Sword - A Yang style graceful moving form with the Chinese Stright sword (Jian)

'Immortals Crossing the Sea' A dynamic and more physically challenging moving tai chi form that builds strength, balance, poise and vitality.


Meditation (Suitable for most people)

Seated practice deveoping the skills of stillness, awareness, intention and self cultivation-using a variety of Taoist meditation methods.


Tai Chi Chuan /Tai Chi as a method of self defence. (Some physical fitness & a commitment to study required)

The 13 qualities of Tai Chi Chuan. Developing the 8 energetic qualities (Expansion, Diversion/Yeilding, Pressing, Pushing, Plucking, Splitting, Elbowing and Bumping) and the 5 stepping movements (Forward, Backward, Left, Right & Centre) of martial Tai Chi Chuan.

Applications. Exploring all the postures and movements of the form to discover their application in a self-defence context.

Pushing Hands. Partner exercises and drills to cultivate kinaesthetic listening and sensitivity, and to utilise the 13 qualities under varying degrees of pressure, and to learn the tai chi push hand principles of Stick, Adhere, Join & Follow.

Spiralling & Issuing power. Training whole-body connective methods of issuing power using tai chi principles.

Sparring. Developing the effectiveness of a 'tai chi body-mind' under varying degrees of pressure.