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Tai Chi (or Taiji) is a multifaceted art rooted in traditional Chinese philosophy. It's gentle, meditative way of movement is an embodied exploration and connection to the dynamic principle of Yin Yang (Taiji) and can be used as a deeply nourishing holistic exercise to cultivate health and harmony for body and mind. It is mindfulness in motion. It can also be studied as a practical method of self-defence (Tai Chi Chuan / Taijiquan).   


Qigong is a related art trained primarily for holistic health cultivation. Like Tai Chi, it combines breath, movement, intention and meditation to strengthen body and mind and develop a tranquil connection to the present.


We teach all aspects of tai chi and qigong, so whatever your interest maybe, you can learn in a fun, safe and engaging way with us at equinox tai chi.

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