Tai Chi (or Taiji) is a multifaceted movement art rooted in traditional Chinese philosophy. It combines mindful movement, meditation, breathwork & mental focus to cultivate harmony, vitality and relaxtion for the mind & body. It can also be studied as a martial art (Taijiquan).


Qigong is a very similar practice which has a sole focus of holistic health improvement and the cultivation of ones vital energy, with no martial art aspect. Nowadays, millons of people the world over  practice Tai Chi as a form of Qigong. 











Wes Mollison has studied  Tai chi, Qigong and related meditative practices for over 20 years and was awarded the Advanced Level Instructor grade by the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain in 2008. He is an 'inner door' student of the world renowned Qigong master Joe Lok (20th Generation inheritor of the Dragon Gate Taoist tradition) , is the UK head of Master Lok's DaoGong Academy, and the first Westerner to be authorised to teach the Pheonix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing Qigong system.


"For me, Tai Chi & Qigong are the ultimate holistic practice. The rich and diverse variety of these arts means it is possible for absolutely anyone to learn, enjoy and benefit from these fascinating arts. I am constanly inspired by the way tai chi & qigong gently transform the daily lives of those who practice them. For me, this is their greatest treasure."


Wes teaches Tai Chi and Qigong primarily for health improvement & self cultivation. He also runs Healthy Self Wellbeing, whcich delivers bespoke wellness and mindful movement packages in business and education settings. Recent clients include the University of Nottingham,  Google and the NHS. For those with an interest in Tai Chi as a method of self-defence then Wes will work individually or in a small group setting for those with a commited interest.


All enquiries can be made to: [email protected] - 07730133068

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